Hire/book an Oom-Pah band

Hire/book an Oom-Pah band

It’s Oktoberfest, well maybe it’s not and maybe you need an excuse to really get the party started. Well look no further than Oom-Pah band. Admittedly it’s not your usual Oom-Pah band and that’s because we have put our own take on it. We’ve added some comedy and choreographed dances that suit the style and needs of your party.

What is an Oom-Pah band

Well basically it’s a Bavarian style band but like to think of it as the ultimate party band. Being in the UK, we all like a good knees up and a chance to dance to our favourite songs and old time classics.

What music does an Oom-Pah band play

Well traditionally I couldn’t tell you but what I can say is our Oom-Pah band plays you all the classics like 500 miles, Country roads, Delilah and many more party hits all done with choreographed dances, comedy instrument mining and a host and DJ to finish off the night. Never have done this show and not had everyone on the dance floor or even the tables singing along whilst downing casts amounts of German beer and lager.

How much does an Oom-Pah band cost

The only reason we started our very own Oom-Pah band was because the prices was really high and quite rightly so. These musicians are at the top of there game and work hard to keep a crowd going.

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