Hiring/booking a Flash Mob tips

Hiring/booking a Flash Mob tips

Hiring a flash mob for your event, party or proposal can be daunting. With so much to choose from and so many ways To go about it you can be spoilt for choice.

The first thing you will find out about Flash Mobs are the price and if money is no object or your willing to pay for something that could be magic hen read on.

Flash Mobs tend to be in excess of 6 people and can be as big ou want hem to be. (The bigger the better).

Planning your Flash Mob.

The first thing to do is make sure your making the right choice. Are the people or person your doing it for going to play game and enjoy the Flash Mob you are going to do.


Have ou got permission I do the Flash Mob in the location you want it to. If you don’t have one in mind then when going through the plans with the production company it might be best to tell them your requirements and let them do the searching for you. This is normally done at no extra costs but you will have to pay for the venue if need be.

What’s your budget.

Like we have said Flashmob’s can be costly so it is always better to have a budget before getting started.

If the Flash Mob you are wanting is going to be outdoors please have a backup plan because we all know you cannot rely on the good old British weather.

How long does a Flash Mob last?

Well this is up to you. Normally a flashmob only lasts around 10 to 15 minutes or even as little as 5 minutes. But there’s no rule as such so if you want a full show which initially starts as a flash mob then well it’s up i you and it’s our job to make that

Do all our Flash Mobs cost the same.

No is the answer, unlike a lot of companies we look at how much work there is to go into your particular Flash Mobs. Maybe you just a singing flashmob or maybe we already know the music and lyrics or have dances already prepared. If this is the case then it reduces our rehearsal and studio time and in effect brings the price of your Flash Mob.

Why do Flash Mobs cost so much.

The amount of times people say to our dancers and other acts, I can’t believe you got that much money for ten minutes. What they don’t see if the endless hours going to the studio to rehearse the dances or songs, the endless hours sat down trying to get songs in your head that you have never heard before, the travel to and from rehearsals. Putting on a Flash Mob is no different to putting on a Musical, you get one chance to get it right and if it goes wrong you won’t ever get that chance again. Also although the show it’s self is only 10 minutes our acts have to be there bright and early before anyone to rehearse in the space. Set up all lighting and sound equipment if needed and plan the perfect surprise.

Planning a proposal or wedding Flash Mob.

All the rules above apply but it is always nice to think about what music you would like. When we plan these types of Flashmobs for a wedding or proposal always like to i that extra mile and other personalised music that is made especially for you.

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    Hi, I’m interested in booking a flash mob for the 24th July in a private garden in Burnley, Lancashire. Is this a possibility?

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