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Themed Dancers in the UK

No matter what your theme or event is have the dancers to match! Book dancers in the UK with TF Productions to set your event aside. Whether you’re looking for Samba Dancers, Gatsby Dancers, Bollywood Dancers, Fire Dancers, or Walkabout Dancers we can make sure they fit your Event and Venue perfectly.

When hiring dancers in the UK, TF Productions is set apart from all other companies we create a bespoke experience for your event. Our in house choreographer will create the perfect routines, our costume department will pick out dazzling costumes and our creative team will bring all this together to supply the ideal package for your event.

Book your Themed Dancers in the UK Today

Booking dancers in the UK with TF Productions is perfect for corporate events, weddings, charity nights, private functions and much more. Experience the difference that personalised, expert choreography can make—book TF Productions LTD for your next big event today.


Step into a world of colour, rhythm, and unparalleled energy with our Bollywood dancers, the ultimate choice for unforgettable corporate events in the UK. Our skilled performers masterfully combine traditional and modern Bollywood dance styles, infusing your event with authentic Indian culture that resonates with guests.

Why choose our Bollywood dancers? Because we bring more than just dance—we bring a customised experience. Our TF specialist choreographers craft a tailor-made routine that captivates your audience from start to finish. Perfect for gala dinners, award ceremonies & corporate events, our Bollywood dancers in the UK offer an exotic flair that elevates any corporate gathering into a vibrant spectacle.

Don’t settle for the ordinary. Book TF Productions LTD’s Bollywood dancers today and make your next corporate event in the UK an occasion to remember.


“Kick up your heels and immerse yourself in the exhilarating world of Can Can. Our Can Can dancers in the UK are trained professionals who capture the high-spirited essence and glamour of this classic French dance, making your event an instant hit.

But we offer more than just talented performers. When you book with us, our in-house TF choreography specialists will design a custom Can Can routine that aligns perfectly with your event’s theme and objectives. Whether it’s a corporate event, an awards night, or a themed party, our Can Can dancers in the UK infuse your occasion with vivacious energy and an unforgettable joie de vivre.

Book TF Productions Can Can dancers today in the UK and treat your guests to an unparalleled entertainment experience.”


Step back in time to the Roaring Twenties with our Gatsby dancers in the UK, the epitome of elegance and sophistication for your next corporate event in the UK. Our highly trained dancers capture the glitz and glamour of the Jazz Age, adding a timeless touch to any gathering.

What sets us apart is our commitment to customisation. Choose your number of performers and share your event’s vision with us. Our TF specialist choreographers will then design a bespoke routine that channels the Great Gatsby era, Ideal for gala events, awards nights, and corporate events in the UK, our Gatsby dancers provide a classy and unique entertainment option that never fails to impress.


Indulge in the extravagant allure of the cabaret with our Moulin Rouge dancers in the UK, your top choice for show-stopping corporate events. Our professional dancers embody the spirit of the famed Parisian cabaret, delivering performances brimming with sensuality, glamour, and flair.

What makes us the ultimate pick for your corporate entertainment needs? Personalisation. You choose the number of dancers and outline your event’s unique objectives. Our TF specialist choreographers then get to work, crafting a tailor-made routine that captures the iconic Moulin Rouge atmosphere, ensuring your event in the UK becomes the talk of the town. Perfect for gala dinners, product launches, or any event in the UK looking for that extra touch of sparkle, our Moulin Rouge dancers offer an exceptional entertainment experience.


Unleash the dynamic energy of street dance at your next corporate event with TF Productions LTD’s Hip Hop dancers, serving the UK with unbeatable entertainment. Our talented performers bring the raw energy and technical prowess of Hip Hop straight to your venue in the UK, turning any corporate gathering into a buzz worthy spectacle.

The key to our standout service? Customisation down to the last beat. From product launches to employee parties, our Hip Hop dancers in the UK offer a pulse-pounding entertainment option that’s both modern and engaging.

For a corporate event that breaks the mould and leaves a lasting impression, look no further. Book TF Productions LTD’s Hip Hop dancers for your next event in the UK and experience entertainment that truly pops.”


Light up your next corporate event in the UK with the dazzling spectacle of TF Productions LTD’s Disco Ball Head dancers. Our performers don’t just dance; they transform your event into a living discotheque, captivating guests with their sparkling headgear and electrifying moves.

Why choose our Disco Ball Head dancers? Because we bring your event vision to life with unparalleled customisation. You pick the number of dancers, and our in-house TF specialist choreographers will create a personalised dance sequence that becomes the highlight of your event. Perfect for themed parties, awards shows, and year-end functions, our Disco Ball Head dancers in the UK offer a one-of-a-kind entertainment solution that’s as innovative as it is engaging.



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